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BBL All-Star Rankings


The final ratings are in and the Top Ten players for the North and the South are known for the BBL All Star Game 2001.

Leading the way, the top two players from the Northern and Southern Conferences are James
Hamilton of the Chester Jets and Antonio Garcia of the Pertemps Bullets Birmingham. 

Hamilton, who was named as the N Player of the Month for October, has been
impressing all season, with more than 24 points per game, while Garcia has proved to be the
best rebounder in the country this season with an average of more than 15 rebounds per game.

However no British players have received an automatic pick from the much-criticised rating system, meaning it almost certain that either Steve Bucknall, Peter Scantlebury or Yorick Williams will be added as wild-card selections.

There is also no record-breaking ninth appearance either for Milton Keynes player-coach Nigel Lloyd.

In the Northern All Star team, Hamilton is joined by Jets' and former college team-mate, Loren
Meyer, who boasts NBA experience and will doubtless entertain the fans in Newcastle in his
first ever All Star Game.

He is one of ten newcomers to the BBL All Star Game - three of which come from the North, as
Derby Storm's Barry Bowman and Manchester Giants' Justin Phoenix make the top ten for the
first time.

As well as the Chester duo, there are also two players from Nurishment Leicester Riders, and
two from Natural Flow Newcastle Eagles. Malcolm Leak and Purnell Perry will head to
Newcastle flushed with success, following Riders recent ntl National Cup Final success.
Meanwhile, Donnie Johnson and Tony Windless, who will be the most experienced All Star in
the North with six appearances already under his belt, will be representing the local team.

In the South, Birmingham boast two players, with Brant Bailey joining Garcia in the top ten 
both will be taking part in their very first All Star Game. Thames Valley Tigers, Milton Keynes
Lions and London Leopards will also be represented by their own duos.

Big men, Andrew Alleyne (in his rookie season in the BBL) and Jason Siemon will be there
representing Milton Keynes Lions, with John McCord and Tony Christie coming from Thames
Valley. Rashod Johnson and Maurice Robinson are the pair that qualify from the London

The BBL All Star 20 is completed with Terrell Myers (Westfield Sharks Sheffield) and Ted
Berry (Edinburgh Rocks) in the North and Kendrick Warren ( London Towers) and
Wilbur Johnson (Brighton Bears) lining up for the South.

The BBL All Star teams, in order of ratings, are:

The North

1 (1) James Hamilton (Che) 57.25
2 (2) Malcolm Leak (Lei) 54.74
3 (3) Donnie Johnson (New) 52.00
4 (4) Loren Meyer (Che) 51.10
5 (5) Barry Bowman (Der) 49.83
6 (6) Purnell Perry (Lei) 49.13
7 (7) Justin Phoenix (Man) 45.42
8 (8) Terrell Myers (She) 44.38
9 (9) Tony Windless (New) 44.37
10 (10) Ted Berry (Edi) 44.24
11 (11) Larry Johnson (Lei) 44.19
12 (12) Rock Winston (Edi) 44.14
13 (13) Tarik Wallace (Che) 42.33
14 (15) Brendan Graves (Man) 40.27
15 (14) Brian Ehlers (New) 39.90
16 (17) Zac Bennett (She) 39.65
17 (16) Peter Scantlebury (She) 39.58
18 (19) Brian Reese (Man) 39.33
19 (18) Billy Singleton (Lei) 38.99
20 (20) Nate Reinking (She) 38.50

The South
1 (1) Antonio Garcia (Bir) 57.93
2 (2) John McCord (TVT) 57.90
3 (4) Andrew Alleyne (MK) 47.25
4 (3) Kendrick Warren (Lon) 47.16
5 (5) Jason Siemon (MK) 46.80
6 (6) Rashod Johnson (Leo) 45.41
7 (7) Wilbur Johnson (Bri) 44.77
8 (8) Tony Christie (TVT) 43.33
9 (10) Brant Bailey (Bir) 41.89
10 (9) Maurice Robinson (Leo) 41.78
11 (12) Greg Meldrum (TVT) 41.75
12 (11) Rico Alderson (Leo) 41.73
13 (13) Yorick Williams (Bir) 41.27
14 (14) Victor Payne (MK) 41.24
15 (16) Steve Bucknall (Lon) 40.77
16 (15) Nigel Lloyd (MK) 40.53
17 (17) Jason Kimbrough (Leo) 40.31
18 (18) Kevin Wallace (Bri) 40.08
19 (19) Michael Brown (Bri) 38.54
20 (20) Eric Taylor (Lon) 37.94

Last week's position in brackets

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