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Bullets setting up New Deal

Pertemps Bullets Birmingham are taking basketball into some of the city's under-developed areas under a new scheme devised under the government's New Deal initiative. 

The current Southern Confernence leaders have been working in three estates - Kings Norton, Hawksley and Pool Farm - to teach hoops to school age pupils with development officers Myron Reilly, Clive Allen, Tony Simms and Fab Flournoy leading the campaign.

"The idea is to introduce the sport, deliver the programme and then give them something to continue on with," explained Bullets General Manager Richard Parker. 

"The last bit is most important and after a five week introduction course, the participants can continue for the rest of the year to play within an after school club. 

"As well as that, for our game against Derby on November 14, those pupils will be transported to our game and we will have a one hour clinic beforehand also. It shows the way basketball can be involved in the community."

Parker also revealed that forward Corey Jackson will return from injury in early December.

"His rehab has come on leaps and bounds in the last few days. He's very important to us and coach (Finger) said in the summer that Corey was the final part of our puzzle when he recruited him. We would like that puzzle piece back as soon as possible because he gives us so many options in our team."

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