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England international Roger Huggins has been one of Britain's most successful basketball exports to mainland Europe in recent years. The multi-talented power forward is in his fourth season in Belgian basketball with Antwerp and has this week been nominated for his third All-Star appearance in that league.

London-born Huggins, now 32, distinguished himself as part of Sheffield Sharks'  double winning side of the mid nineties, joining the club after his initial stint in the Low Countries with Ghent. Twice the EBBA Player of the Year, he has over 60 caps for his country and will be one of the main weapons at coach Laszlo Nemeth's disposal as England bid to reach Turkey 2001.

He stopped by Britball.com to answer readers' questions...

Q) Do you think you will ever come back and play in this country and if
you do, would you only play for the Sharks ? I hope so as you are
definitely the best player that we ever have. We have a slot for a non
permit player at the moment, what do you say, come and help us win
another championship !

RH: I would like to finish my in career in England but in this business you 
never know what will happen.  No, I would not only play for the Sharks, but I 
would like to stay up north.

Have you seen any BBL games recently? How do you rate the standard of
play against that in Belgium and against the league in
Tom Garrud

RH: I saw the semi-finals on BBC last month.  The standard in England is 
good.  It is hard to compare with Belgium who only allow 2 foreigners, so the 
local talent in Belgium has more chance to blossom.

I just want to say that you are the greatest Power Forward in Belgium. I
adore your style of playing the game. Do you think Antwerpen will win
the Korac Cup ?
David De Vleeschouwer

RH: I think we will definitely reach the final four and then after that who 
knows, with a bit of luck, maybe.

What has been the greatest moment of your career so far ?
Jan Van Doppen

RH: It has to be winning the National Championship in college as well as the 
Championship my first year with the Sharks.

Who has had the greatest influence on your career ?
Paul Black

RH: I would say Mark Dunning and Humph Long had the greatest influence on my 

Did you ever really quit the England team over your treatment in Eastern
Europe last year ? Do you think players get enough support ?
Sara Gardner

RH: I didn't quit last year, I just skipped one game in protest.  
I think fan support is not as good as it should be but it is getting better.

Do you believe England will qualify for the Euro 2001 Finals ?
Harry Stowell

RH: I don't see why England  shouldn't qualify, we've got the talent to do it.

Would you like to be a coach when you eventually retire ?
Karen Briggs

RH: I haven't really thought about being a coach, but if the chance came 
along I'd give it a try.

What is your favorite activities off the court ?
Eric Helder

RH: I like being with my family and relaxing in my spare time, which is not 
very often.  I also like watching any other sport on tv.

Who is the best coach you have played for ?
Tom Stanley

RH: I think my present coach (Eddy Casteels of Antwerp) is the best I've had so far.

What ambitions have you left in your career ?
Jeff S.

RH: I''d like to win a Championship in Belgium, play in one more country and 
reach 100 caps for England.

Our thanks to Roger for answering your questions. 

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