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READ: AT THE BUZZER - Bryan Burwell / Bill Walton

Publisher: NBA - Doubleday 
Price: £35 (includes 2 CDs)

In every life there are moments which remain ingrained the memory, seconds in time which stand out among the normal, achievements which last for the shortest interlude but which live on in perpetuity to be recalled and discussed in awed tones. 

The NBA is no different. Like when the fans rushed down onto the court to surround Wilt Chamberlain when his 100th point swished through the net, a milestone as remarkable then as it remains now. 

Or when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar slipped under the wing of blocking maestro Mark Eaton, pirouetting, sweeping upwards and then unleashing the sky hook to edge definitively past Chamberlain's scoring mark in the league, a bar he would raise almost 7,000 points further before taking his final bow. 

There is the funny: like when then Dallas coach Dick Motta borrowed a circus tiger to use as his motivational prop at half-time during a particularly inept Mavericks display. 

The unexpected: when a 50 point blast from Bob Pettit helped the St. Louis Hawks to insert a blip into the Boston Celtics' decade long dominance. 

And the plain bizarre: when a Texan thunderstorm swept through the roof during San Antonio's final regular season game in the ABA - yet play went ahead while fans crouched under their umbrellas for shelter.

At the Buzzer aims to gather all this special events together in one colourful and comprehensive tome, charting its way through the legendary players and the ground-breaking points in the NBA's six decades, from Mikan to Iverson, Maravich to Jordan. 

Utilising a portfolio of imaginative photos, and with the bonus of an accompanying pair of CDs with narration from two-time champion turned commentator Bill Walton, the book captures the essence of what makes the NBA, and the sport, brim with unpredictable drama - last second winners, great moves - ridiculous and sublime. 

You might not have been at courtside to watch but reading, listening and seeing is as good as second option as you'll find. 

Well-written and researched, At the Buzzer is a first-rate chronicle of the NBA's finest moments from those who were there. Very highly recommended for the bookcase or the coffee table alike.

Rating:  9/10

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