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Hang-Time, our section dedicated to life off the court. 

Reviews and ratings of the best basketball books, games, accessories and videos available. 


Be LeBron James by wearing the shoes he PERSONALLY designed ! The new and updated shoes from Cleveland's cavalier have hit the market with some hype.. MORE

According to Molten, their new G ball is a radical invention because it features 12 panels, rather than the standard eight, and "is packed with ground breaking technology to enhance player performance."
Lots of hype. But can they live up to it? MORE

Sega's ESPN NBA Basketball is the continuation of the NBA 2K series of basketball games and it keeps up the tradition of fantastic graphics and excellent simulation-style gameplay. Is it an ideal sticking filler?.. MORE

Be LeBron James by wearing his Kicks! OK, maybe that ain't going to happen but the latest and greatest shoes from Cleveland's cavalier have hit the market with some hype.
According to Nike, they are "the Best Sneaks a baller can get." Much to live up to. So we went extra hard to make sure it was deserved. MORE
READ: THE PUNCH - John Feinstein 

Christmas 1977. An oncourt fight breaks out between the Houston Rockets and the LA Lakers. Rudy Tomjanovich races to break it up and is met by Kermit Washington's fist, delivering one of the worst punches ever seen in a sport not governed by the Queensberry Rules. Two men's lives were irrevocably altered .. MORE

Deep pebble surface. A scuff resistant outer. Nylon wound, butyl bladder. The new orange and white ball from Molten has all the signs of being the perfect basketball for both indoor and outdoor use. Is it any good? .. MORE

We've put the best shoes of 2003 through their paces - on and off the floor - giving you a peek and what's hot, what's not and what you should be wearing to give you maximum hops this year.
WEAR: Reebok Answer 6

Be like Allen and find The Answer to your game! It's sleek, it's black but is it any good? .. MORE
WEAR: Reebok Master Link

Simple lines, luscious curves - great in a woman but how does this simply designed shoe stake up? .. MORE
WEAR: Adidas T-Mac 2

Be Tracy McGrady! Float like a butterfly and conjure like a Magician. But is T-Mac 2 as good as Number One himself? .. MORE

Be Vince - or if that doesn't take your fancy, be somebody else. Is the VC enough to make you fly like the Carter of old? .. MORE
READ: SOLE PROVIDER - Robert 'Scoop' Jackson

Over the past three decades, Nike have not just made clothing. They've sold an image. Created stars. And it wasn't all about the shoes. It was about a clever company who pressed the right buttons and leapt from nowhere into the very heart of sporting culture .. MORE

The Granddaddy of all basketball games is back for its latest season with all the updates and new tricks required to keep it in check with the latest and greatest arrivals in the NBA. Is it still top of the pile? .. MORE

This is the story of how Jack Molinas almost destroyed the game of basketball. 

More tellingly, it's a cautionary tale of how greed, corruption and above all the abuse of talent brought the world of crime into the court under the willing guidance of a great player turned bad. .. MORE
READ: LOOSE BALLS - Jayson Williams

Loose Balls: Easy Money, Hard Fouls, Cheap Laughs & True Love in the NBA. Welcome to the world of Jayson Williams. 

One of the best centres in the league before injuries forced him out, Williams was the boy from the hood who made it big but never quite left his old life behind. .. MORE
READ: BASKETBALL - Laszlo Nemeth

Part of the widely-respected 'Skills of the Game' series, Basketball is written by England international coach Laszlo Nemeth and aims to stress the fundamentals of the game while offering practical tips and advice to improving one's game. Does it hit the mark or bounce dismally off the rim? .. MORE

Be Vince Carter! The Toronto Raptors dunk-master has put his name - and his game - onto his very own shoe. It's light. It's sleek. It's funky. But will it give you more game? .. MORE

Pick up a book on basketball in your average library and you'd be forgiven for wondering if this was a game played by Americans, by Americans, for Americans. Trotting around the globe with his eye trained on courts of many shapes and colours, respected Sports Illustrated diarist Alexander Wolff sets out to find out what happened to the game invented by Dr. James Naismith in Springfield once it boarded the steamer ships and headed off for far flung pastures .. MORE 

You have the gear, the skills and the game. But without a round ball, you ain't showin' nuthin'. We took the three leading basketballs on the market from Nike, Spalding and Baden and tested them out on the court and on the playground to see which felt best and lasted longest. Here are our findings ..MORE
READ: At The Buzzer - Bryan Burwell / Bill Walton

In every life there are moments which remain ingrained the memory, seconds in time which stand out among the normal, achievements which last for the shortest interlude but which live on in perpetuity to be recalled and discussed in awed tones... MORE
READ: The Ultimate Assist - John A Fortunato

In the United States, the NBA needs television as much as the league needs the small screen. The two are partners in crime, co-dependent, mutually supportive and linked in chase for popularity and the bottom line dollar ... MORE
READ: The Complete Encyclopedia of Basketball - Ron Smith, Ira Winderman and Mary Schmitt-Boyer

Three centimetres thick, 570 pages wide and bursting with colour photos, The Complete Encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference book on basketball, from its origins to the present day.

There are several sections dealing with different aspects of the game. The NBA teams and their
history. The Legends of the NBA - from Abdul-Jabbar to Jerry West - and what made them so special... MORE
READ: The Last Amateurs - - John Feinstein 

Often mythologised from afar, at its highest levels, American college basketball commands huge support, media coverage and resources from the universities involved. Its Final Four is bigger than anything the NBA can offer, second only in its standing to the Super Bowl itself. But not every college teams commands such attention.. MORE
READ: NBA Encyclopaedia -  Jan Hubbard (Ed.)

The entire NBA in one thick volume. The facts, figures and the wide variety stories behind the game. A look at how basketball's biggest league grew from a cold night in Toronto into a world-wide enterprise plus the people who made it, and its fans, tick ... MORE
READ: Sacred Hoops -  Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty

We call Phil Jackson "The Zen Master' but do we understand why? In a journey which takes us from his time with the Knicks to success at the helm of the Chicago Bulls, Jackson lets us inside his mind to see how his personal creed became the philosophy of a winning team  ... MORE
PLAY: NBA Live 2001 - EA Sports

The latest NBA simulation from those funky people at EA Sports. You can go one-on-one with Michael Jordan or be John Amaechi. The choice is entirely yours. So dump your boots, hitch up your keypad and play ball ... MORE
READ: Playing for Keeps - David Halberstam

He may have been the biggest sporting star on the planet over the past decade and a half, but how well do we know Michael Jordan? Charismatic, competitive and with a profound gift which transcended basketball, Jordan was a phenomenon without precedent. Yet few got close to finding out about the man behind the marketing myth. Sportswriter David Halberstam gets nearer than most ... MORE