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Manufacturer: Molten
Sizes Available: 5,6,7

Deep pebble surface. A scuff resistant outer. Nylon wound, butyl bladder. The new orange and white ball from Molten has all the signs of being the perfect basketball for both indoor and outdoor use.

A relatively new brand to these parts, Japanese based Molten have been in biggest name in balls in mainland Europe for years and this new FIBA approved number is a pretty good launch pad to attrach new fans.

On first use, it was a bit too shiny, a bit too slippery and a nightmate to shoot. But like a thoroughbred, once we'd broken it in on an outdoor court to rub the newness off the surface, it was transformed.

The greatest benefit from this ball is it's good for using to practice shooting and dribbling, offering good control  because of the extra grip obtained.

It is also a nice true shooting ball. 

When we used it on an indoor court, it performed admirably. It bounces well, has nice, soft action on the rim, and feels good coming off the fingers. 

Another positive is that after four weeks use, it remains fully inflated.

For the average person who just likes shooting hoops every so often, the Molten DX7 won't cause any problems, but professionals and those playing daily might want to look elsewhere - I consider this a good practice ball only.

But as a cheap entry model, it's a pretty good buy.

Rating:  7/10