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Publisher: EA Sports
Formats Available: PC, PS2, XBox
Price: £34.99

The King is Back. 

Long Live the King.

The Granddaddy of all basketball games is back for its latest season with all the updates and new tricks required to keep it in check with the latest and greatest arrivals in the NBA.

This year's new add-on gizzmo is the Freestyle Control - which is designed to improve realism with faster crossovers, monster dunking and bigger moves to shine at both ends of the floor.

There's also the Trax with hot tunes from Snoop, Busta and Just Blaze blasting out in the background to add that playground feel to the mix.

Apart from that, it's the same old story. 

Better likenesses on the faces, smoother game-play, all those little touches you come to expect from EA Sports every year (we'll overlook the absence of Yao Ming and Robert Archibald from the rosters this time).

On Playstation 2, the action is fast, furious and handles fantastically well.

On the PC, it's slow by comparison even with a speedy processor. Still wonderfully playable but not a patch on the games machine versions.

You'd have thought by now, somebody would have come up with a better hoops game than NBA Live.

You'd be wrong. Like Michael Jordan, it may be ageing. But it's standing the test of time.

Rating:  8/10

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