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WEAR: Reebok Master Link

Manufacturer: Reebok
Price: around £80
Use: Indoor 

The Pitch: Red and White gives you top flight. A basic shoe which is light, simple looking and inexpensive. Just the thing for those whose ambitions to ball don't go beyond a once a month pick-up game at the gym?

The Look: Stream-lined - with an emphasis on the lines - Master Link's jagged edges make it aim for aerodynamic excellence. It's colourful without being garish but is maybe just a touch loud for wearing off the court.

The Shoe: As a basic shoe, Reebok (or should we just call them RBK?) have come up with a decent idea. No flash. Just a good supportive case, simple design and the NBA logo for extra creed. Master Link is light enough to run in without feeling like it's going to fall apart. Playing in it, even after a few sessions, it's just a bit stiff on the upper side and going for jump shoes, it doesn't really have enough flexibility. After a while, that just gets annoying and is simply not good enough.

The Verdict: This is a £40 shoe masquerading at a higher price. Like the Portland Trailblazers, the concept is good but the execution of all the parts just doesn't quite work. Reeboke make some good gear but this isn't the Answer.

Rating:  5/10

Test by Richard Drummond