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READ: Sole Provider - Robert 'Scoop' Jackson

Publisher: Powerhouse
Price: £21.99

Over the past three decades, Nike have not just made clothing.

They've sold an image. 

Created stars. 

And had the foresight to sign up a guy called Jordan who became an icon without peer.

Of course, Spike Lee (or was it Marv?) said that 'It's all about the shoes." Not quite. There was more to it than than that.

In celebration of thirty years of Nike basketball, ex-Channel 4 presenter and hardwood guru Robert "Scoop" Jackson is the guide through this new collection of exclusive posters, commercial stills, behind-the-scenes footage and NBA photos.

Together they tell the story of a marketing giant and its effect on a sport which grew in tandem, fuelled by the dollars and sense of Generations X, Y and beyond.

With, as it sets out, 'anecdotal facts and figures, interviews with NBA players, Nike designers, musicians and more', Jackson takes us on a tour of the company's incredible inside story from its early days in 1972  to its current established position among sports marketing's deities.

Look at The Swoosh, for example. 

What other logo, pinned on the side of a boot, can say so much so simply? An imprint and a statement alike, it was just one of the clever tools Nike used to transform itself into the range of choice.

This was no ordinary approach. Its adverts stood out because they pushed buttons and offered a dream rather than a lesson in fitness. 

Sure, they helped you go faster. But that wasn't the point - buy them, and you joined the same club as Jordan, Swoopes, Gervin et al.

With a foreword by Jordan, and pictures aplenty, it will fit nicely on your book shelf or coffee table. And it's still not all about the shoes.

It's about fun. 

Rating: 8/10

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