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Season Fixtures

Key: HOME; Away; CH - Championship; TR - uni-ball trophy;
CUP - Sainsbury’s Classic Cola National Cup
* - games to be played at Aston Villa Leisure Centre

Sat 18 Sep LNDN LEOPARDS W80-70 CH
Sun 19 Sep Milton Keynes  W75-78 CH
Sat 25 Sep NEWCASTLE W100-91 OT CH
Sun 26 Sep Sheffield L92-84 CH
Wed 29 Sep BRIGHTON* L80-91 CUP

Sat 2 Oct Brighton W63-68 CH
Mon 4 Oct LEICESTER W67-66 CH
Sat 9 Oct Lndn Towers W78-83 OT CH
Sat 16 Oct SOLENT* W103-80 TR
Sat 23 Oct LNDN LEOPARDS* L91-96 TR
Sun 31 Oct Chester W68-81 CH

Fri 5 Nov Lndn Leopards W84-100 TR
Sun 7 Nov Derby L79-72 TR
Sat 13 Nov Solent W99-106 TR
Sun 14 Nov DERBY L87-92 TR
Sat 20 Nov THAMES VALLEY L69-72 CH

Sun 5 Dec Edinburgh L85-81 CH
Wed 8 Dec Lndn Leopards W72-88 CH
Sat 11 Dec MILTON KEYNES* L86-94 CH
Sat 18 Dec BRIGHTON* W102-97 CH
Tue 28 Dec THAMES VALLEY W84-76 CH

Mon 3 Jan MANCHESTER L85-92 CH
Fri 7 Jan LNDN TOWERS L79-84 CH
Sat 8 Jan Brighton L74-65 CH
Sat 15 Jan SHEFFIELD L72-94 CH
Sun 16 Jan LNDN TOWERS L81-83 CH
Sun 23 Jan Leicester W82-104 CH

Sat 5 Feb All Star Game
Wed 9 Feb Lndn Towers 8:00pm CH
Sat 12 Feb MILTON KEYNES* 7:00pm CH
Sun 13 Feb Derby 4:00pm CH
Wed 16 Feb Thames Valley 8:00pm CH
Sat 19 Feb CHESTER 7:00pm CH

Wed 1 Mar Newcastle 7:30pm CH
Sat 4 Mar DERBY 7:00pm CH
Sun 5 Mar Milton Keynes  4:00pm CH
Sat 11 Mar EDINBURGH 7:00pm CH
Sun 12 Mar Lndn Leopards 5:00pm CH
Thu 23 Mar Manchester 7:30pm CH
Sun 26 Mar BRIGHTON 6:00pm CH

Sat 1 Apr Thames Valley 7:30pm CH
Sat 8 Apr LNDN LEOPARDS 7:00pm CH
Sat 15 Apr Championship Quarter-Final
Sat 22 Apr Championship Semi-Final

Sat 6 May Championship Final