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Britball Q&A: Nigel Lloyd

One of the legends of British basketball, Barbadadian international Nigel Lloyd has been around the game here longer than most, picking up countless awards, trophies and plaudits along the way. Now 37, Lloyd is in his fifth season at Peugeot Bullets Birmingham, and despite his "advancing" age, he remains one of the premier point guards in the Budweiser League. Six times an All-Star from his time at Bullets and at Thames Valley before that, Lloyd made his UK bow at Hemel Hempstead back in 1984 and he's been one of the most popular figures in the domestic game ever since. Combining his playing duties with an assistant's role to Mike Finger at Bullets, is Mr. Consistency getting ready for a new career ? 

Of all the players that you have played with and against in your time in   
the Budweiser League who would you say was: the best?? the worst?? and your favourite?  
Stacy Knights  
Colin Davies was the best, Colin Irish my favourite and I couldn't possibly 
say who was the worst!! 

Do you feel that this seasons Bullets team has seriously got the same  
amount of talent as last seasons?  
Will Rose  

The team has as much - if not more talent than last years.  The only 
difference is because the chemistry is not there as much, we are having to 
work at being a team more than the group did 12 months ago. 

Flying fish how are you? I was wondering when your british citizenship  
arrives (If you've applied for it that is) will you  opt to play for  
England? Are you still playing in the summer back home in Barbados?  
Can you win it all this season with the squad you have?  
Mr Frederick M of Fat  
I got my residency last year but am still Captain of the Barbados team so I 
think I'll stick with that for the time being - much better weather! 

There's been many a time we've watched you animatedly chatting away to an opposition's guard when you're taking the ball down court or you're on D; just what do you talk about? Do you swap good restaurant guides or "what did you do during the summer" questions? Does 'trash-talking' have any real effect or do you just like winding the opposition up like the Master you are?  
Don't ever stop playing, you're a credit to the sport.  
Martyn Jones  
I say stuff like "What did you have for dinner?" or "There's some good 
looking women in the crowd tonight".  They work sometimes - particularly the 
second one - but not often enough! 

I notice that you have been a spectator at a number of Derby Storm games this season.  What is your opinion of this seasons Storm team and are they capable of winning anything this season.  
Have another good year.....  
Sean Bright,  

Derby are one of the most exciting teams in the League and always put on a 
good show - well worth the admission price.  I think everyone is capable of winning something this year - but I hope its us instead. 

Dear Nigel, How do you feel about coaching a Bud. league team?  
Benjamin Holt.  

Eventually I would love to coach and build a team here in the UK. 

How long do you think you can keep playing for at your current amazing level?  
Harriet Smyth  

Currently being injured my amazing level isn't very high but as long as I'm 
healthy I'll keep going. 

Thanks for answering the questions Nigel. We'll have a new Q&A early in 1999.

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