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Solent shoot for Stars with D1 title

Just 12 months after taking the NBL Men's Division Two prize, Solent Stars' have made the massive leap to Division One success, edging out Plymouth Raiders for the title in the tightest fo finishes.

Needing to beat Oxford Devils in their final match, Stars romped home 124-92 to finish on a 21-5 record, taking the championship by a two point aggregate differential in the head to head with the unlucky Raiders.

The outcome was not without contraversy - during the final meeting between the pair which Solent won 99-88, a Raiders fan ran on court. With the referee incorrectly assuming that it was one of the Raiders bench making the illegal intervention, a technical foul was given against Raiders' coach Gary Stronach. 

With the subsequent two shots from the line hitting home, and equalling the difference between title success and failure for Plymouth, the Devon side have legitimate reason to feel aggrieved.

However for Alan Cunningham and his Stars side, the achievement is no less impressive and takes them a step closer to their heights of the eighties.

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