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Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

There exists a wide range of advertising and sponsorship partnerships available through both website and Britball News Wire.

Banner Advertising on the page of your choice allows a focused targeting of our readership base. This can be on a single or multi-page basis and is based on a monthly rate rather than click-through basis.

Sponsorship and co-branding of Britball content is also available for partners who wish to establish a brand message to tie in with the website. Examples include sponsored sections (such as of individual leagues), partnering (of every news story within a month), or competitions and promotional offers.

This can be tailored as a package to suit the advertiser's needs.

Email Ads
Corporate information can also be added within the News Wire to promote your message as a text insertion, starting at £15 per insertion.

More information on Britball can be obtained by emailing or by contacting us. 

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